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Cape Breton Wireless Heritage Society

The Cape Breton Wireless Heritage Society was registered with the government of Nova Scotia, Canada on November 24, 2005 as a non-profit society. The objectives of the society are to publicize the story of the first transatlantic wireless service and its Cape Breton stations, and to work for the preservation of the Marconi Towers station site as a heritage site. The once great Marconi Towers station was the North American terminus of the transatlantic service, and Marconi, the famous radio pioneer, resided there while the station was being built and tested.

As a step toward the first objective, the Society celebrated in 2007 the centennial of the opening of the transatlantic service. Events included were a historical exhibit at the Glace Bay Heritage Museum, which is still there, and a commemorative exchange of wireless messages between the Governor General of Canada and the President of Ireland on October 17, one hundred years after the official opening of the transatlantic service.

In 2007 the Society published the first of an annual series of tourist brochures featuring a self-guided tour of leading heritage attractions in Glace Bay. These include three related to Marconi's transatlantic wireless work. The tour is called "A Day In The Bay".

Marconi's residence circa 1905-07 at Marconi Towers near Glace Bay, Cape Breton Island

Marconi's residence circa 1905-07 at Marconi Towers near Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.

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